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Anna Kara born in Krakow received the diploma of the Art and Fashion Design School in 2007. In the summer the same year she opened her first own workshop and a small studio in Kazimierz district in Krakow. In just a few years she became a designer appreciated by the leading publications and Brides worldwide. Her dresses can be found in selected salons in Europe United States and Canada.


I remember that when I was a child I would cut little dolls from paper and dress them in paper frocks drawn by myself. I would spend hours doing that. I have always been sensitive to the beauty of the world around me and I liked to gather  beautiful objects around me. This admiration for the beauty and art the growing interest in fashion and a strong sense of independence and desire to create led me to the studies of Art and Fashion Design.

Determined and full of creative energy I opened my first boutique with a modest collection of wedding dresses in tiny place in the Kazimierz district of Krakow. And our first dressmaking workshop was situated those days in a small flat on the outskirts of Krakow. However year by year it got more and more crowded and we with an ever bigger team moved to greater and greater premises until we reached the one we are now. Today I am moved and happy with what we have achieved. I am proud of my team and the brand we created together in a warm friendly atmosphere.  I am proud of my beautiful salons in Krakow and Warsaw.  I am proud of the fact the dresses made by me are loved by women worldwide and the collections are available in salons in many countries. I am also proud of my husband and two beautiful daughters whose love and support have given me strength to survive moments of doubt.

And finally I am proud of all the Brides  I wear because they are really cool girls. Today I can tell them -  follow your dreams even if your fate puts most serious obstacles in front of you to be in harmony with yourselves to become women you want to be.

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Art became her passion already in her early youth revealing herself through drawing and painting. Over time this turned into her love for photography film and literature which she studied and finally into her passion for fashion.  In her designs Anna Kara draws inspiration from the world of culture art and nature building one of the most desired brands on the European wedding fashion stage.


Every dress is made to measure in line with the traditional dressmaking practice.  Everything is created in the studio in Krakow from the initial sketches to the finished designs to the hand-sewn patches and proprietary lace compositions. The use of the highest-quality natural fabrics workmanship precision and care about every detail enable the qualified team of Anna Kara to create dresses which naturally respond to the body built and movement of every Bride.


Anna Kara emphasizes the individuality of young women who are not afraid to follow their desires. She combines the classic dressmaking boldly with the contemporary grunge romanticism. Every design speaks of the emotions feminine beauty and sensuality hidden in nature. Her fresh ideas and creative spirit together with a unique sense of aestheticism enable her to create universal silhouettes having unexpected temperament.

Anna Kara believes the strive for the beauty itself is not the design basis. Her dresses attract the eye but their beauty is not devoid of some deeper meaning.