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About us

about the designer

Born and raised in Cracow, city of artists, Anna absorbed bohemian atmosphere from the very beginning. She started the brand Anna Kara in 2007, just after receiving her diploma of the Art and Fashion Design School. Today she manages the company together with her husband.


Art became her passion already in her early youth revealing herself through drawing and painting. Over time this turned into her love for photography film and literature which she studied and finally into her passion for fashion. In her designs Anna Kara draws inspiration from the world of culture art and nature building one of the most desired brands on the European wedding fashion stage.

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Anna Kara


The cosy atelier in Krakow, Poland is where the magic happens. Here, in heart of Europe, each gown is created in house from start to finish with genuine passion, by talented seamstresses, who work with the utmost care and love for their craft. In our atelier, we carefully manage the fabrics according to the less waste philosophy. We keep our stock to minimum, everything is sewn to order, so we don’t waste materials nor space. Above all, we value the exquisite workmanship and mindful design, which evoke traditional dressmaking practice.

honest design

It all begins with touching fine fabrics, feeling the structure, seeing how they move. We compose the laces to create our own, unique patterns, which are then handsewn on dresses. The fusion of exquisite embroidery and bold cuts is our signature style. The effect is a sensual, delicate, and at the same time statement design. Well-conceived construction and handcrafting techniques accentuate feminine silhouette and still afford the bride a sense of ease and freedom of movement. That’s how we draw a portrait of a sensual woman, creating dresses that suit her wild soul.